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Are you ready to introduce exercise in a way that's enjoyable and sustainable? Or, maybe you're an exercise enthusiast who's looking for something new. No matter where you're at in your health and fitness journey, we've got you covered! Our 4-week training programs are custom made by a certified personal trainer to meet your individualized needs.


No equipment? No problem.

New to training? Welcome!

Advanced with your training? Let’s go!



Have been feeling unmotivated and/or unsure how to incorporate exercise in this “new normal”

Are ready to introduce exercise in your life but are uncertain where to start

Have limited equipment and/or no gym access

Looking for something new to spice up your current routine

Feel ready for a more advanced training protocol

Are an athlete looking for sport-specific training

Fitness should be fun; it should not feel like a chore. The key is figuring out what feels satisfying and realistic, because that's what will keep you consistent. Together, you and your trainer will look at factors including (but not limited to) your schedule, available equipment, daily stressors, sleep, past workout history, and short & long-term goals to create a plan that will be enjoyable and sustainable.

Wondering if a Training Program is right for you?


  • 1 initial consult call with your trainer

  • A customized 4 week training schedule 

  • 1 mid-point check-in with your trainer to review how training is progressing

live life healthy, happy, and with a little bit of zest