Start taking ownership of

your body,

your food choices,

and living life on your terms. 


What you get...

Education, accountability, and support to help you finally achieve your goals.


How it works...

Own It! is an 8-week interactive online nutrition course with video lessons, continuous support from a Registered Dietitian, and access to an incredible community going through the same journey along side you!

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"Thank you so much for this course!  Your approach is a perfect blend of psychological/emotion considerations, nutrition information, meal planning and recipe suggestions and support.  I found all these components invaluable and critical in embracing change."


“ I’m going to be able to take with me everything that I’ve learned from this course and use it literally for the rest of my life. You’ve been so helpful throughout this process and you make everything seem so manageable.”



“Your course has changed the way I think about food! I’ve realized that short-term diets never really changed my habits. I appreciate how your approach focuses on making permanent change – I’ve learned how to nurture my body, listen to my hunger, and the importance of resilience and imperfection."




Week 1

Topic: Understanding Your Eating Habits and Behavior Change

Paying attention to your eating habits and increasing your self-awareness is a critical piece to discovering your personal blocks preventing you from achieving the mindset, developing the habits, and overcoming the obstacles keeping you stuck. 


Week 2
Topic: Food Choices - Protein


Weeks 2-5 will provide in-depth education of the essential nutrients so that you have a better understanding of how these nutrients interact with your body and impact your metabolism, cravings, mood, immune system, and energy levels. We discuss healthy sources that support your health, plus how to figure out the appropriate portion sizes to help meet YOUR specific needs and goals. 


Week 3
Topic: Food Choices - Carbohydrates


Week 4
Topic: Food Choices - Fats


Week 5
Topic: Food Choices - Vitamins & Minerals


Week 6
Topic: Meal Planning Strategies For Bringing It All Together 


Learn tips, tools, and strategies on how to meal plan for the week, make healthy cooking easy and delicious, and kitchen staples to keep on hand. 


Week 7
Topic: A Well Rounded Approach To Self-Care & Honoring Your Health 


There are a number of factors that contribute to our overall health and wellness. You'll discover how to identify those factors, understand the connections they have to your health, and some small (but impactful) lifestyle changes you can make to help address them.


Week 8
Topic: Sustainability 


How to set yourself up for success moving forward, common challenges, dealing with setbacks, tools & strategies for sustainability to get you off the diet roller coaster for good!