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The holidays can be an extremely challenging time of year to maintain healthy eating and exercise habits. Stress is high, time is tight, and there's a constant parade of holiday treats. I created this guide to help get you through the holiday season while continuing to stick to healthy daily routines - that way you can find the perfect balance between feeling good and allowing yourself to enjoy your favorite holiday treats. This is NOT a guide on how to avoid the dessert table... this guide is to help support you in making healthy day-to-day choices so that you can choose to indulge a little bit at the holiday party (like you should) and avoid feeling like you have to either be all in...or all out.

It can feel easy to want to throw all of your healthy habits away in the spirit of enjoying the holidays, and to start fresh in the new year - but you can have the best of both worlds if you create a little bit of time for some self-care. Small efforts can make a BIG impact.


  • A 43 page printable PDF featuring:

    • Sample meal plans

    • 27 Recipes (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, and Desserts!)

    • A blueprint for building balanced meals and snacks

    • Portion control guides

    • Tips and strategies for overcoming the most common challenges this time of year

  • 21 daily workouts + recipes  (in addition to the 27 recipes provided in your printable PDF guide)

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