Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays

This is such a wonderful time of year to enjoy spending time with friends and family, and food! Today, I want to remind you to enjoy yourself, indulge in your favorite holiday treats, but to stay mindful and keep up with your healthy lifestyle as much as possible :)

Here are some tips to stay on track through the holidays:

1. Don’t Skip Meals If you have a holiday party where you know you'll indulge, stick to your normal eating routine the rest of the day. It may be tempting to think that if you skip meals then you can "save up" those calories for all of the goodies you'll be eating/drinking later. But I repeat, DO NOT skip meals leading up to the party. Sticking to your regular routine and and incorporating healthy choices in your other meals throughout the day will prevent you from getting too hungry. And we all know the hangry monster will eat anything and everything in site. By sticking to your usual meal/snack schedule you'll be less tempted to make a beeline for the appetizers, and less likely to overeat.

2. Be Picky Take a walk around the room and scope out all of your options before even picking up a plate. Grab a drink, mingle, and think about the foods that appealed to you the most. Then indulge in your favorite treats. Whether its cheeseballs, bacon wrapped dates, cookies, or fudge that you love, don't let yourself be tempted by just any holiday treat you pass by. Think about those two or three foods that mean the most to you this time of year... the ones that the holidays just wouldn't be the same without (and the ones that are worth the calories). Serve yourself a small portion of those so that your "treats" fill up about 1/4 of your plate, and enjoy the heck out of them. This is a simple trick that allows us to enjoy the delicious food, but helps prevent us from going overboard with endless office treats, or buffet tables.

3. Bring Your Own Dish When it's appropriate for guests to bring dishes to a party then take the opportunity to make sure there's at least one healthy choice you can feel good about. You can make a vegetable dish, fruit salad, bean dip, or guacamole to enjoy before you have your special indulgences mentioned above. Eating lean proteins from foods like shrimp, turkey, low- fat cheese, nuts, and beans help fill us up. So, by eating protein first we may be less inclined to overeat once dessert comes around. Fiber has the same effect, so eating vegetables, fruit, whole grain crackers, nuts, and beans fills us up, too!

To read all 5 of my healthy holiday tips and gain access to some delicious healthy holiday inspired recipes click the link to DOWNLOAD MY FREE GUIDE!

Your healthy lifestyle is a journey and we want your healthy habits to stay with you for a LIFETIME. Enjoy the season, eat yummy food, and take care of yourself.



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